Financial members of Arlis/ANZ may apply for a grant:

  • To defray the cost of attending the Arlis/ANZ biennial conference.

  • To assist with the costs of attending other relevant conferences or events held in Australia, New Zealand or internationally.

  • To undertake study visits to other Arlis/ANZ or international Arlis institutions, or appropriate GLAM institutions with an arts library component.

  • To enable them to undertake or disseminate original research appropriate to their professional role and relevant to the interests of the Society.

    • Costs may include but are not limited to: registration fees, travel, per diem, accommodation, entrance or access fees, editing services, author publication fees.

Terms and conditions

  • Individual grants will be made to meet the costs of itemised components of an activity as outlined by the applicant, up to a maximum of AUD$2000.

  • The Society reserves the right to award several grants or none in any calendar year.

  • Applicants must be financial at the time of application, award and acquittal of the grant.

  • Applicants must not have received a grant within 3 previous calendar years.

  • Arlis/ANZ members may apply for a grant to supplement financial support from their institution, however preference will be given to applicants who are not able to access any other form of support.

  • Where an awardee wishes extends the time at an event or activity for personal reasons [for example, adding personal time onto a supported overseas study trip], Arlis/ANZ grant monies may only be used for 50% of the travel costs, and only for accommodation and per diem costs directly related to the supported event or activity.

  • Where more than one application is received during a grant cycle, preference will be given to events and activities directly relevant to or involving Arlis/ANZ institutions.

  • There are no limits on the number of times an Arlis/ANZ member may apply for any grant.

  • Awardees must report back to the Society on the outcomes of the supported activity. The form of the report back mechanism is flexible, but should be supplied within 3 months of the conclusion of the activity. Artefacts from the report back will be made available for the benefit of the wider Arlis/ANZ community via the website.


There are two grant cycles per year: End of January and end of June.

Key dates:

  • Call for applications: 7th January and June

  • Applications close: 25th January and June

  • Sub-committee convenes: 27th January and June

  • Applicants informed: 30th January and June

Members may apply to the National President to consider a grant application outside of the grant cycle, where there are special circumstances.

The award of grants is based on:

  • The strategic value of the event or activity to the Society.

  • The value of the event or activity to the member's current work role.

  • The number or monetary value of Arlis/ANZ grants applicant has previously received.

  • Evidence of the applicant’s commitment to the Society as demonstrated through, for example: a history of membership or contribution to the Society’s activities.

  • The availability of Arlis/ANZ resources.

 Applications are reviewed by a sub-committee made up of Arlis/ANZ members drawn from the Chapters and convened for the purpose.

 All applicants will be notified of the Sub-Committee’s decision by the National President.